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Commodore’s SX-64 was an ahead-of-its-time, transportable color pc based around the center technology in the legendary Commodore 64 (publication ). Regrettably, the SX-64’s external computer keyboard is notoriously failure likely. In actuality, of those two keyboards I have, one is completely dead and you barely registers an integral press (and in fact lately seems to have stuck key signals, so it’s even worse). Regrettably, replacing keyboards are amazingly tricky to find and often involves purchasing another comprehensive system, and that, if you’ve shopped for SX-64’s of late, you realize isn’t cheap. Fortunately, I did find one solution to an SX-64 owner’s problem, and that’s an offering from Jim Brain in Retro Innovations. Retro Innovations AdapterHow the SX-64 is designed to look. Although the choices are a bit perplexing, if you go here, you can pick the SX64 to/from PC alternative. My selected arrangement was as follows: (Configuration: SX64 to/from PC, Joyport Sockets: No, Assembled? Yes). Following a month, then I obtained my assembled board, which had been ready-to-go. The plan is straightforward enough. You take your SX-64 keyboard , plug that into the SX-64 as usual, then plug the other end to the slot within this device. Then you review azpen a746 7 inch quad core 8gb android tablet – armchair arcade plug a PS/2 compatible keyboard using a Mini-DIN6 plug into the PS/2 port on the device. At least that is the theory. Unfortunately, it seems that the normal SX-64 cable doesn’t fit in the connector to the board (I tried both of mine), which I supported with Jim Brain via email (I need he’d made that known on the site or perhaps in our prior email exchanges). Though he recommended just using a normal DB25 cable (which it turns out is advocated on his other site), all my DB25’s didn’t fit either. My only choice was to snip the plastic away onto the SX-64 keyboard cable connector end, which you may view in the photograph. Ugly snipping, but nonetheless, it now matches. Since You can also see at the photo, my snipping handiwork along with my Xuron 170-II Micro-Shear Flush Cutters was not good (I had to be particularly attentive to not snip any pins! ) , but it gave me an excuse to purchase some files to fix this up later (they need to also be helpful for helping beautify a modification that I made to the removable lid on a few of my Coleco Adams). How Everything joins

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